Selma, AL Disaster Recovery Support


We do hope that your year is off to a good start. As many of you know Selma, Alabama was nearly devastated by last week’s tornadoes. Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiatives program work includes this area. We are in the process of helping families to recover from their tragic losses. As one might imagine, families and individuals are suffering from the storm’s impact in several ways that include not being able to live safely in their homes and losing all that they owned other than their lives


Our contacts in the Selma area informed us that residents need basic sanitation items i. e. sanitizer, toiletries, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, no clothing, paper towels, detergent, bath soap, cash on gift cards, grooming items like hair combs, brushes, tarps for roofs. Some families also need resources to secure or sustain alternative places to live. Others need prayer and grace.


The Ebenezer Church 501C3 BUILD CDC is the nonprofit that is receiving funding and supplies for the disaster relief program for the city of Selma.


Make checks payable to:



1600 Broad St. 

Selma, AL 36701

C/O Thomas Accounting 



Thank you for your support and generosity.


Best regards,

Oleta Fitzgerald

Regional Administrator 


Helenor Bell

Lowndes County SRBWI Human Rights Commission Lead


Sheryl Threadgill Matthews

SRBWI Board Member


Carol Blackmon

SRBWI Consultant

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